The Cat Fanciers' Association

Guidelines for Breed Standard Changes

August 1: BCS must have all proposed standard changes from BC members

August 15: BCS must be notified of any breed color or advancement requests that might affect them (see** below)

September 1: Proposed breed standard questions to Breeds & Standards Committee for review if requested by BCS

September 14: BCS proposed standard changes must be received by Central Office

October 25: Breed ballots will be sent out by Centreal Office or on-line and available for boting on-line

Dec 15: Breed ballots due back to Central Office

** If a question dealing with the merging of two breeds for registration and/or show purposes or the disallowance of one breed as an outcross for another breed or the disallowance of the right to show one breed in the classes of another is to appear on one breed's ballot, the first secretary must submit the proposed change to the secretary of the other breed(s) by certified mail, postmarked by August 15.

All deadlines reflect date that application, advancement material, or ballots must be RECEIVED



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