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The CFA Maine Coon Cat Breed Council website, first started in July of 2001, is an informational source about our breed. New people who want to learn more about Maine Coon Cats are welcome here.

Everyone is encouraged to visit our site to learn more about this wonderful breed called the Maine Coon Cat.

CFA's Best of Breed 2013-2014

GC, BW, NW Maine Lvrs Phoenix of Abizaq

Red Tabby and White, Male
Breeder: Michelle Chaffee-Anne Jones
Owner: M-N. Auspitz-T-B. Feininger

Phoenix was CFA’s 6th Best Cat in Championship
CFA's Highest scoring Maine Coon Cat
CFA's Greatlakes Region's 2nd Best Cat in Championship

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Trudie Allen CFA-MCBC SEC
  Health Committee Chair
Trudie Allen Standards Chair
Kathy Calhoun CFA-MCBC Treasurer
Teresa Signore CFA-MCBC Historian
Trudie Allen CFA-MCBC List Moderators
Dennis Allen Web Master

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